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Atomic PTC is Now Mining JSEcoin

Started by AtomicPTC Jan 04th, 2020 at 09:48
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AtomicPTC (Admin)
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Why hello everyone. How is everyone doing? So I've been playing around and finally got it to work on the site. So with this being said as of couple days ago all of our Peetree Ad Network websites have started mining JSEcoin and start promoting the JSEcoin project. So with this being said if you allow for mining which is done by clicking the "continue" button to allow JSE coin to mine. This is not only\y to help us grow by supporting projects that we think will benefit society. This will give a chance to have more contests and more earning options. We are planning for accept JSEcoin for purchase and payouts hopefully soon. Anyways, thank you guys very much for reading more news to come as we see this feature in action. And thank you all active members as it helps us grow. I would do the same at your site if you run a honest earning site.
Russ Lukach-Krueger
PeeTree Ad Network
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