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Introduction of the one who owns this site

Started by AtomicPTC Jul 06th, 2019 at 23:30
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My name is Russ Lukach-Krueger and I am the owner/CEO of PeeTree Ad Network Sites ( which include of a traffic exchange ( and pixel ad site which I will be splitting the earnings with my girlfriend (fiancé) and that site is Then the other sites are Offers And Clicks (, Atomic PTC ( and Epic PTC ( PeeTree Ad Network is only a small part of a big thing which I have been in the process of since 2010 under my business name Rutakus which I got from my online user name on anime forums and community sites and Otaku. Ru-kun is what my user name. So Ru-taku-us. I recently added something easier for people to remember Rust Of All Trades is what my business is transferring to (

Anyways that enough of my business. So I guess you guys could say I’m kind of a nerd and odd as I’m into video games, manga/comic books, anime, music, figurines and so on. I love technology but like to try and keep a balance with our environment which is what part of what I’m working on for making my company and sub-companies more sustainable. I graduated college with a 4 year degree majoring in Software Systems Engineering and a minor in Business management, graduated with honors. I didn’t really get a chance to get into my career I went to school as jobs are hard to come by without experience for my field so I ended up having to work at Walmart which was a good thing as I met the girl I’m with and going to marry today. As fate would have it I ended up getting in a car accident where I was hit 60 mph from the side while I was in a parked position on the highway trying to called for a ride and a tow truck. My back is permanently messed up bulging disc from my neck down to my lumbar. But I manage and the more I can work on my own business the less will need to work for others. By that way I do currently work a second job.

Also I like to make music with programs such as Fruity Loops Studio, ReBirth 2.0 and other programs. Here is a video of one of my tracks on my Thoughts Of Everything youtube channel: I guess I can say I like to do all kinds of creative things. I like Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones, The Walking Dead, Vikings, Breaking Bad, Parks And Rec, and many more that I guess we can discuss in my introduction thread so you guys can get to know who in the hell runs this site. LOL thanks for reading.
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