Frequently Asked Questions

Being suspended doesn't mean you were caught cheating. But in most cases that can be the story. Regardless we are here to work with you and get you up and at them again if your an honest member. Through our system we have cheat detection feature to make sure your are human and not using software that auto clicks the ads without give any really views. We also suspend members for bad or broken emails to prevent too many failed to deliver emails from our server.

So the best way to get your issue solved is to submit a support ticket

Or contact us by email at and make sure you can get our email before using this option


This happens all the time and nothing can be done about it due to spammers who had messed it up for everyone else. So there is a chance that our emails are going to your spam or junk mail box. So if it's not in your email inbox please go and check your junk mail or spma box for our email. Then could you please then add our email to your safe list At this time that is the only email Atomic PTC uses and you won't get emails from staff member unless you contact them personally. But you can also use the wild card options on adding an email with a "*" in front of the at symbol like * If all else fails you can submit a support ticket here: and we will activate your account with testing with another email or if you want help on adding us to your safe list.

Popular email providers and how to add email to safe list

Well we have many way for you to contact us for support as we are always will to help or work with you. 

First we have 2 support ticket systems first one right here with in our site that works with both user account and public ticket creation:

Second one is our secure system manage by our parent company:

And we also have 2 support forum areas again with in the site and our perent company system:

1. Our site:

2. Parent company:


Here is our contact email but you MUST make sure you can recieve our emails first: 

We try and answer all questions with in 24 hours after recieving the first submission for support or help