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Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 (Video news)
Published on 28-06-2019

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part

Peetree Ad Network News 6-26-2019 part 2

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Purchase Balance Bogo (Video News) PeeTree Ad Network
Published on 12-06-2019

Hello Everyone thanks for being awesome members if the site and/or our network. I'm trying out video news LOL See below

Some Network Updates, Bitcoin Payouts
Published on 15-04-2019

Well hello members of my network of advertising sites together as one PeeTree Ad Network ( I know I haven’t posted anything lately and/or it doesn’t look like there is a whole lot going on. Well beside working another job while trying to make my ideas manifest into something awesome. PeeTree Ad Network which consist of Offers And Click(one site), Atomic PTC, Epic PTC, Rutakus Pixel TE, and pixel ads/ All are registered trades names under my company Rutakus/Rust of All Trades which is a kind of jack of all trade company that cares. We all have to survive. Also I’m disabled with multiple bulging discs in my spine so my business hires people with disabilities or limitations.

So first I want to discuss a bit an issue with Rutakus Pixel TE. As you guys know parts of the site are secure while others aren’t for reasons like surf in SSL doesn’t display non-secure site depending internet browser. Lately the entire site is secure and I can’t seem to get it to display in the frame. I’m still working on it but I will be moving servers/hosts soon as too many issues with loading and what not. But I’m in the process or making sure all my hosting/server are “green” and sustainable for our environment. I might even change the script as well. But that might change it just depends.

Now I’m also announcing we are offering payouts through Bitcoin and other crypto-currencies/alt-coins but I plan on only open that up once a month. I haven’t thought up a schedule for it yet but I think we might beta test this idea and how it can work. Payout will be what ever the minimum is set to on the site. Right now our paid to click sites are set to $10 and Rutakus Pixel I think set to $30 or $25. I’m in the process of getting Skrill set up for the sites. I have personal Skrill verified so I can accept payment there if you submit a support ticket but not ready for the site. I will be using coinbase mainly but also coinpayments. Either way Paypal will not be the only payout option.



Please make sure you open a support ticket if you have issues.

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Atomic PTC offically registered as a tradename for my business
Published on 08-02-2019

Well I must say members of our PeeTree Ad Network sites I proud to announce that I have renewed and just received my updated business licenses for my company. Also I have registered PeeTree Ad Network, Atomic PTC, Epic PTC and Offer And Clicks as tradenames for my business. Rutakus Pixel has already been registered for a while. But here is a link to our business license on our secure content delivery network site for our company:

Script Upgrade to EvolutionScript 5.5 coming week
Published on 11-12-2018

Well, hello members. I’m pleased to announce that this week or by next week to the latest I will be doing a script upgrade on our paid to click web sites. First we will be doing Offers And Clicks because we have it in maintenance anyways as we were still in the process of importing the old database into the new code and then we ran across an issue in the front end of the site preventing us from opening up the site. So the plan is to upgrade the site first Then Atomic PTC and lastly Epic PTC. Right now our sites are using EvolutionScript 5.3 and the upgrade with be 5.5 the most recent version. We will post more updates after the script upgrade. Thank for reading.